Why Your Business Needs A Website?

Your website is an extension of your brand and identity. A well-designed website is more than a status symbol; it is a necessity. More and more of your customers are going online. They are researching their purchases, reading reviews, and asking friends on social media where to buy or whom to call. A website with easy to use features, great content, and smooth operation will improve your bottom line.

Iron Duck understands why you may have chosen to avoid building a website or decided to make it yourself. You’ve created your company from the ground up. Pouring hours into creating the product or learning the skills necessary to forge your empire means you think of your business as a child. No one wants to let a stranger raise their child, so you made your website yourself. You might believe a social media page is enough, or you don’t think you can afford a professional website.

If you’re a small business owner still shaky about investing in building a responsive website there are at least a dozen reasons why any business, regardless of industry or size, needs a website. There are real-world consequences for not having a website. So, even if your business is strictly local, rest assured investing in a website (and local SEO) is well worth it.


Types of Business Websites

The Lead Generation Website

Lead generation websites capture leads and develop a deeper relationship with your visitors.

The E-Commerce Website

E-commerce website sell products or services online.

The Branding Website

Branding websites give information about the company, the product and/or the service.

Benefits of a Business Website

A website establish your business’s credibility

The simple fact of the matter is this: your customers expect a website. Six out of ten consumers hope for businesses to provide online content about their business on some form of digital property, and more than half head straight to a website for product information.

91% of customers have visited a store because of an online experience. Potential customers are using their smartphones and tablets to decide where to go and what to buy. So if you don’t have a responsive business website, today’s digital-savvy (and impatient) customers will simply go elsewhere without the slightest hesitation.

According to Trustpilot, over 80% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, including customer testimonials on your website is an excellent way to amaze potential buyers. In other words, having a website is the key to establishing social proof.

A credible website commincates through:


Design quality


Up-front disclosure


Comprehensive, correct, and current


Connected to the rest of the Web with links out to third-party sites.

a Website makes your business truly competitive

All your competitors most likely already have an established online stronghold. This includes having a modern-looking responsive website, an active presence on suitable social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube), and a local business listing on Google My Business. 

With all the countless choices they have nowadays, your average customer is extremely impatient. Simply put, you are losing a huge chunk of revenue to your competitors if you don’t have a decent digital presence.

Not having a business website raises questions in the eyes of consumers such as:


Are you opposed to new technology or ways of working? 


Does your business not care enough to build one? 


Or are you so cash-strapped that you can’t even afford a website?

a Website allows you To leverage a powerful marketing channel

Traditional marketing techniques (TV, print, flyers, billboards, radio, and so on) are not a good fit for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The biggest reason, of course, being how expensive it is to run such campaigns.

Your website is the digital “home” of your business and it’s the one place online where you are completely in control of your message. No matter how active you are on your social media, nothing can replace the power of your business website.

Besides, you must strive to establish brilliant multi-channel online experiences for your customers. This means going above and beyond with content marketing, email marketing, and social media, treating them as pillars of your website.

Digital marketing flips all the downsides of traditional marketing by:


Being extremely cost-effective


Resulting in higher engagement


Being non-intrusive


Providing potential for huge ROI


Effectively segmenting audiences and personalize messaging


Tracking accurate and real-time results with analytics

a Website showcases/sells your products and services

As more and more consumers are turning to Google search for researching a product or service before actually going out to shop, your business website is the perfect opportunity to showcase your products or outline your services in full detail with beautiful images.

As a 24/7 salesman, your website can be used to video tutorials or downloadable PDF guides/ebooks to convert customers on the fence about choosing you over a competitor.

Clearly, people are becoming increasingly inclined to make purchases online. And so, you should actually consider expanding your operations and start selling online.


86% of consumers rely on the internet to find a local business


29% of consumers search for local businesses at least once every 7 days


72% of consumers say search is their first choice to find information on local merchants


In 2018, consumers spent nearly $3 trillion while shopping online globally. This number is projected to reach almost $5 trillion by 2021


95% of shoppers read online reviews before purchasing


87% of customers place as much trust in n online product review as they do from a word-of-mouth


90% of consumers want to read between 5-10 product reviews before making a purchase decision


Nine out of ten consumers check Amazon before buying a product to see if it is available cheaper