aggressive, bright, attention-nabbing, client-impressing designs

3 Decades Of Combined Experience

Collaborative Brand Builds to carry clients to success

aggressive, bright, attention-nabbing, client-impressing designs

3 Decades Of Combined Experience

Collaborative Brand Builds to carry clients to success

Our Story

We’ve Been Building and Renovating Brands Since 2005

With over 3 decades of combined experience in design and creative domination, we pride ourselves in our creative exploits and are always ready for the next challenge.

We love to brainstorm with our client family, we believe that we succeed when our clients do. So, we will always be happy to help by offering feedback, guidance, and go the extra mile to make sure our clients are ready to succeed and utilize our services to the successful fruition.

Hiring an outside professional graphic designer is a time-saving measure. While there are several free or inexpensive options for graphic design these days, hiring an industry-driven specialist design studio can make the process more efficient. As your designer, Iron Duck Designs can create a bold look which can be used in all your marketing materials from business cards to billboards. You have enough on your plate running your business, can you afford to spend time coming up with color palettes and multiple formats when a professional can do it in a quarter of the time you would need to invest?

Our Mission

As a business owner looking for a design that matches your unique needs, Iron Duck Designs creates an engaging logo, fonts, colors, and graphics which are the visual foundation of your brand. Iron Duck’s industry experience, unique style, and experience as a business owner allow us to create an engaging logo that will remain consistent across all platforms and give your brand an individual style.    

Our Vision

Iron Duck Designs specializes in aggressive, bright, attention-nabbing, client-impressing logo design and identity reboots. We love to build a brand for our clients that they can carry them into a successful future. We are a hired pen, industry-driven specialist design studio. Our clients consist of mainly window tint, detailing, vehicle wrap and paint protection shops. We also work for several distributors in these industries. You have probably seen our work a lot lately. We know what works; our clients trust us, and you probably need us to get your business to the next level.

“Kari Yochum has a good feel for the targeted audience. Her delivery of the message is on point. I like the creativity. I would recommend her work”-Richard Joseph Hollocher Jr

“Kari does amazing designs! She designed my logo when I opened my business and then recently did a re-brand for us. Very pleased with her work and creativity !!!!!”-Lisa Duckworth

“1 word describes this business and Kari, AMAZING!!!!
I needed a new logo to start with and it progressed from there! I am truly amazed at how well the logo design and then my mobile tint truck/trailer rig turned out. if you’re looking someone to give you exactly what you want on very little information on how you want it she is the master at it. Only thing I really told her I wanted was colors and in a quicker than expected turn around time BOOM there is was. Now i have my rebranded logo (amazing) truck/trailer wrap design (amazing) business cards (amazing) clothing (amazing) did i mention it is amazing??? message her, get it set up, and get “ducked” on you’re rebranding and any other design work you need!! I will be using her for my clients as well from here on out for branding purposes!! Thanks Kari from the bottom of my heart for what you did for not only me but Xtreme Shades as well!!!”-Hoss Evans

“Kari is truly one of the best designers I have ever seen. Her work is top notch and really crafts your idea into reality. Also customer service is 5+++++ stars.”-Jordan Burkeen

“Absolutely loved working with Kari! Met every single demand, fast paced and quality customer support which is a lead in my books! Will return every time I need a logo or design done! 5/5.”-Sharon Bronson

Our Story

Meet Momma Duck

The graphics arts found me more than I found them. From a very young age, I created pen and ink drawings, this easily transferred to graphic design because as I sketch ideas in my head, they usually begin as black and white, then take on new life in full color.

I am easily inspired by individuals with a passion for what they are pursuing in their businesses and lives.

Logo design came easily with passionate clients. Logo design grew into branding, which grew into exploring the many places my customers’ businesses could go, both digitally and in real-world applications. I have the most experience with large format design, signs, and vehicle graphics/wraps, but the transition to digital design has been just a different canvas for me to explore.

Now as a seasoned designer and 15 years of small business ownership, I believe I have learned and earned a more peaceful approach to my art and my pursuit of continuing my education in the various artistic fields.

I have really challenged myself to learn new types and styles of art in the digital realm. My current clients have allowed me to have fun with my ideas, creating caricatures, typography, graffiti-type logos, modern art, and retro-styled designs. I have recently been focused on brand reboots for most of my clients.

Please check out my recent work on Our Clients page and social media channels! Can’t wait to work with you! – Kari


Professional Organizations


Member of American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

Member of Graphic Artist Guild

Member Women of Wraps

Member & Admin of Women in wINDOW FILM

10 years in Window Film INdustry as Shop Owner

Colorer Extraodinaire

Our Story

Meet Big Todd

I know that effectively reaching your target customers means an increase in traffic to your location and increased revenue from sales. These goals can be achieved through effective marketing communication techniques and using multiple communication platforms. I work closely with you to provide a digital marketing solution for your business.

With over two decades of marketing and sales experience in the small business community, I continuously work to build innovative and effective marketing communication solutions.

Through our digital marketing and design expertise, Kari & I can help expand market reach, break through the competitive clutter, make lasting impressions while maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

If you want to target your best prospective customers, motivate people to shop your business, establish a relationship with customers, and reach mobile consumers, then Iron Duck has the solutions. – Big Todd

Professional Certifications & Qualifications


MBA University of Illinois

Google AdWords Certified

Google Analytics Individual Qualifier

Inbound Marketing Certified

Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist

Certified Content Marketing Specialist

Years Of Experience

Brand Builds

Identity Reboots

Website Builds

Additional Design Services

Iron Duck Designs specializes in aggressive, bright, attention-nabbing, client-impressing brand designs and identity reboots. We love to build a brand for our clients that they can carry them into a successful future.

While we love building brands, that’s not all we do. 

  • Apparel Design & Production
  • Business Card Design & Production
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Printed Marketing Materials (Mirror Hangers, Brochures, Posters, Banners, etc.)
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Graphics